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Flu Clinic Information

This information was updated on March 6, 2014.

At this time the Board of Health has a limited flu vaccine supply.  Please call the office at 781-270-1957 for information.

Homebound Residents:  To schedule a home visit for a flu shot, call the office at 781-270-1957. (screening questionnaire for injectable flu vaccine)

As flu season progressess, the Board of Health would like to remind you, and those you care for, of ways to minimize and/or prevent contracting and spreading the flu this flu season. We would like to emphasize the four ways to prevent and/or minimize contracting the flu.

  1. Good Hand Hygiene
  2. Cover Your Cough
  3. Get Vaccinated Against the Flu
  4. Stay Home if You are Sick

Vaccine Information Statements:
Live Intranasal Vaccine
Inactive Injectable Vaccine

Order posters/brochures about handwashing
Order posters/brochures about flu 
MA Department of Public Health Flu Information
US Department of Health & Human Services Flu Website

Cover Your Cough (brochure)
Cover Your Cough (poster)
Flu Facts Coloring Book
Proper Hand Washing
Handwashing Tips for Kids
Handwashing Tips for Parents and Caregivers
Handwashing Tips for Teachers and Day Care Providers
Minimize Cold and Flu Germs at Home