BVRC Executive Committee

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The BVRC Executive Committee is a five member elected board.  The committee consists of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, two Members at Large, and one alternate.  The Executive Committee oversees various committees such as the Public Health Education & Outreach Committee, the Volunteer Training Committee, the Special Events Committee, and the Volunteer Recruitment & Retention Committee.  In addition, the Executive Committee makes recommendations to the Unit Leader on trainings, projects, the budget, and special events. 

Executive Committee Members
 Sandra Voltero, Chairman
 Carolyn Abruzzo
  Eric Dewar
 Jean Perry
 Andy Rittenburg
 Margaret Henderson, Alternate

Minutes from recent meetings:
  2018       2017      2016 
2/28/18   2/15/17    5/11/16
5/23/18   4/5/17    7/28/16
    5/17/17   10/19/16 
    8/9/17   12/15/16