Collecting Cell Phones

The Board of Health is partnering with Cellular Recycler to collect cell phones at the Health Office during regular office hours.  Residents are able to drop off their unwanted cell phones and accessories at the office - free of charge.  All cell phones and accessories, regardless of age or condition, will be accepted.  Residents are advised to deactivate phones.  Batches of collected cell phones will be shipped to Cellular Recycler in Colorado and the Burlington based charity organization, People Helping People, will receive a monetary donation for each cell phone received.

 Cellular Recycler partners with non-profit organizations to provide fundraising programs and responsible disposal options by recycling used cell phones. “All collected phones are either refurbished and reused or recycled in the United States according to EPA standards.” For the protection of privacy, cell phone memories are ‘flashed’ to wipe out any previous information stored on the phone.

 According to the EPA, recycling cell phones helps protect the environment in a number of ways. “Cell phones are made from valuable resources such as precious metals, copper and plastics - all of which require energy to mine and process. Recovering these materials by recycling avoids the need to mine and process new materials, which in turn, conserves our natural resources, and avoids air and water pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.”

 How to Donate Your Cell Phone:  Bring your cell phone and accessories to the Burlington Board of Health at 61 Center Street, Room 218. (Office hours: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 8:30-4:30, Wednesday 8:30-7:00 and Friday 8:30-1:00)

For more information on cellphone recycling - click for link