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Burlington Board of Health Annual Flu Clinic - 10/24/15   
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Volunteer Tim McCoy conducts "just-in-time" training for radio use during the flu clinic Director of Public Health Susan Lumenello consults with BVRC volunteers Kendra Crosby and Amy Warfield working on flu vaccine inventory control
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 Volunteer Kathy Delesky is ready to dispense flu vaccine BVRC volunteers July Peckham and Mary DeChiara are the final clinic station - Check-out and Forms Collection
 BVRC Executive Committee Chair Sandra Voltero and volunteer Shirley Moreno staff the display table for volunteer recruitment  

Health Fair - May 2016                 
The Burlington Board of Health, in collaboration with the Burlington Council on Aging, hosted their second annual Burlington Community Health Fair at Burlington High School.    The event was geared toward all ages and provided an excellent opportunity for residents to discover the health and wellness services available in their community. There were free health screenings, physical activity demonstrations, raffle prizes, and more.  BVRC volunteers helped the BOH staff the event.
DSCF35391    BVRC1
BVRC volunteers Lucy Bramanti, Mary DeChiara and Pat McDermott greet visitors to the Health Fair   BVRC volunteers Margaret Henderson and Lola Lombardo staff a table with information on the Burlington Volunteer Reserve Corps
DSCF3472    DSCN04651
There were several fitness demonstrations at the Health Fair this year.  A poster listed the schedule.  In the background, a demonstration is in progress.   BVRC volunteer Anna Risman at the Blood Pressure Screening table
 HandsOnlyCPR    DSCN0494
BVRC Volunteers Carolyn Abruzzo and Heidi Mover demonstrate "Hands-only CPR"   BOH intern Rebecca Namayrwie with her presentation at the Health Fair.  Rebecca worked with BOH staff for her spring semester to help plan the Health Fair and to create this presentation.