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Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day - 9/20/14  
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HHW Collection is held at
Francis Wyman Elementary School

Burlington Volunteers Reserve Corps(MRC) members Bernie Heath and Bill Hitchcock collect propane tanks
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Cars line up to drop off hazardous waste materials Board of Health member Dr. Ed Weiner checks in a citizen dropping off materials

Burlington Volunteer Reserve Corps(MRC)
Quarterly Meeting - February 2015

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 Heidi Mover, RN, BVRC volunteer and executive committee member, demonstrated how germs are spread with a game involving casual contact - shaking hands.  Morgan Gilmore RN, Infection Preventionist at Lowell General Hospital discussed the signs and symptoms, transmission, and preventative measures for ebola virus, enterovirus (D68), and influenza as well as proper hand washing and the use of personal protective equipment (PPE).
Burlington Board of Health Annual Flu Clinic - 10/25/14   
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 The gym at Memorial School set up as a dispensing area  BOH elected memeber Dr. Ed Weiner with volunteers Virgina Mooney and Margaret Henderson
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 BVRC volunteers Nancy Castellarin and Amy Warfield take care of vaccine and syringe inventory control
 BVRC volunteer Janette Croke, RN, completes paperwork and prepares to administer flu vaccine to resident attending clinic