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Veterans Services
    Phone (781) 270-1959                          Fax (781) 270-8165                                  Email

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Christopher Hanafin, Director & Jennifer Goldsmith, Administrative Assistant                      
 Hours:  M-T-Th:  8:30-4:30  W:  8:30-7:00 F:  8:30-1:00
Human Services Building, 61 Center Street, Room 212, Burlington, MA 01803

THE BURLINGTON OFFICE OF VETERANS SERVICES advises clients as to the availability of state and federal services and benefits to which they may be entitled.  This office is the gateway for Massachusetts Department of Veterans Services' and Federal Veterans Affairs' benefits in order to provide financial assistance to all needy, eligible veterans, surviving spouses and their dependents.  This office also coordinates public events such as Memorial Day and Veterans Day programs.  On Memorial Day this office and volunteers place more than 3000 flags on the graves of veterans interred in a Town of Burlington cemetery.   

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It is that time of year again when your STATEMENT OF BENEFITS are mailed to you! This letter replaces VA Form 20-5455, Statement from Benefit Payment Records, which is no longer available.

KEEP these safe. This is your "ticket" to use as proof of your disability for things such as property tax exemptions, civil service preference or any other program or entitlement in which verification of VA benefits are required.

EVERY veteran that receives a VA disability check gets one. If you have not maybe you threw it away by accident and or maybe your address is not up to date.

Again, they are just arriving in the mail so give it some time.
If you do not get one by the Middle of August please feel free to call our office to set up an appointment and we can request an additional one for you.


I have attached photos of an EXAMPLE of the statement of benefits along with the envelope it may come in.

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