Burlington Stormwater Management Program

The Town of Burlington has a municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4) for catching and conveying stormwater runoff from rainwater, snow and ice melt from pavement and other surfaces.  The runoff discharges directly to local streams, rivers and other water bodies.  This MS4 system and the stormwater that enters it is regulated under the Clean Water Act, specifically the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES).  The Town’s NPDES MS4 permit is administered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.

The Town’s Stormwater Management Program is in place to meet permit requirements and prevent harmful pollutants from being washed or dumped into the MS4.  Measures include public education and outreach, public involvement and participation, illicit discharge detection and elimination, construction site stormwater runoff control, post-construction stormwater management in new development and redevelopment, and pollution prevention and good housekeeping in municipal operations.  The Town has drafted a comprehensive written Stormwater Management Plan, which may be downloaded for review or a paper copy may be obtained from the Conservation Department.  

Residents, businesses, developers and other member of the public are encouraged to review our efforts and the Stormwater Management Plan and provide any input or recommendations to the Town.

Stormwater Management Materials

Stormwater Management Plan 

Illicit Discharge Detection & Elimination Plan

Catch Basin Cleaning Optimization Plan

SOP for Street Sweeping

SOP for Winter Road Maintenance

Sanitary Sewer Overflows 5-year history

Town of Burlington MS4 Notice of Intent

Town of Burlington Stormwater System Map 2019 

Letter authorizing Burlington to discharge to the MS4 under the 2016 General Permit

Burlington summer interns help map the stormwater system and IMG_0877_bsample and test stormwater.  You may have see them around town with their distinctive fluorescent vests and sampling equipment.  They also attach markers on stormdrains that read "Don't Dump, Drains to Wetlands" to increase public awareness that storms drains discharge directly into our wetlands and streams.