Burlington Open Space & Recreation Plan

The Open Space & Recreation Plan in Burlington is a working document created to to help the town manage its open space. Open space includes publicly or privately owned undeveloped lands which are important for a variety of reasons including conservation, recreation, agriculture, or for their scenic quality and contribution to the overall character of the town.

2018 Open Space & Recreation Plan update
We are beginning the process of updating our OSRP, with a goal of completing it before the end of the year.
OSRP subcommittee meeting minutes - March 19, 2018 , June 20, 2018, July 25, 2018, September 5, 2018, October 10, 2018November 14, 2-18
The results of the Open Space and Conservation Survey have been compiled and residents' needs interpreted and we are working on a 7-year action plan.  Send comments on residents' needs to kmoravec@horsleywitten.com or contribute to the process by filling in the survey online .

2011 Open Space & Recreation Plan

Entire 2011 Open Space & Recreation Plan (66MB)
Main text only (2MB)
Maps only (6MB)
Appendices only (58 MB)

2005 Open Space & Recreation Plan
Click here to view a PDF of the 2005 Open Space & Recreation Plan.