Town of Burlington Satellite Office  - State Fuel Assistance

First-time applicants, who are Burlington residents, may apply through one of the following offices:

Town of Burlington Seniors (55+) contact the Council on Aging @ 781-270-1950

Town of Burlington residents under 55 contact Youth & Family Services @ 781-270-1961

Town of Burlington residents that are United States Armed Forces Veterans (regardless of age)
contact Veteran Services 781-270-1959

Assistance with an application is offered by appointment only.

Please inform our office if you need to cancel your appointment at least 24 hours in advance. Not keeping your appointment without communication of cancelation will result in you having to go to the fuel assistance office in Lowell to fill out your application.

Required Forms/Information for application appointment

-A copy of your current heating bill
-Identification for all household members including a picture ID for the head of household
-Current GROSS income from all sources and all household members for the past 30 days (4 consecutive pay stubs if paid weekly or 2 if paid bi-weekly)
-Children 18 years and over who are students must provide a letter from the school indicating they are a full-time student currently enrolled in school
-If over 18 and claiming no income must sign a no-income statement (statement document provided at the office). If you claimed no income for more than a year you must supply a wage statement from the Social Security office.
-Current tenant profile if you have a rental subsidy
-A copy of your last check or print-out if receiving fixed income (Social Security, Disability, SSI, etc.)
-Check stub, the letter from pension co. or 1099 document received at the end of the year from pensions showing the current gross amount. 
-If receiving child support, must provide copies of four current payments or court order with a current copy of check or stub. Or, notarized statement from ex-spouse stating amount and frequency of payments
-Four most recent stubs workers compensation
-Unemployment award status
-Documentation for the source of Interest Income of over $100 or more
If self-employed, a signed copy of prior year’s entire tax returns with all attachments. If self-prepared the signature page must be notarized. A transcript will be requested as well.
-If you own a multi-family home: Rent receipts for your tenants, Property Tax bill, Homeowners insurance, Water/Sewer bill, Mortgage interest statement or a current signed copy of entire Federal Tax returns, including Schedule 


Assistance with the Fuel Assistance application is available from November through April on a first come, first serve basis.