Burlington Conservation Stewards

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The Burlington Conservation Stewards (BCS) is a group of dedicated area residents who aid in Burlington's conservation efforts. The work of BCS is a combination of organized group events and individual efforts.

BCS works with the Burlington Conservation Department to manage and monitor Conservation Areas and other open spaces (trail work, clean ups, reports, etc.) and to promote public awareness and appreciation of natural areas (guided walks, educational lectures, other special events).

Join Us
If you would like to become part of the Burlington Conservation Stewards, please email (conservation@burlington.org) or phone  (781-270-1655) the Conservation Department. We encourage your involvement at whatever level suits you and will happily work with you to identify and utilize your unique talents and interests.

After we hear from you, we will invite you to attend a BCS training session where you will learn tips and techniques used for many of our regular projects. The training is brief but required, and is typically offered twice per year with one day and one evening session offered.

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BCS Handbook
The BCS Handbook has been developed to provide volunteers with the information needed to conduct monitoring and maintenance in Burlington's Conservation Areas.