Where is Burlington?

On February 28, 1799, the General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts incorporated the Woburn Second Parish as a district town by the name of Burlington.   

The Town of Burlington is a community of approximately 23,000 people, and is situated in Northeastern Massachusetts, bordered by Bedford on the west, Billerica on the northwest, Wilmington on the northeast, Woburn on the southeast and south, and Lexington on the south. Burlington is 12 miles south of Lowell, 13 miles northwest of Boston, 36 miles southeast of Fitchburg, and 224 miles from New York City.

map of Burlington

The Town is ideally situated within the state highway system. 
Route 95/128 runs east/west through southern portions of the Town. 
Route 3 runs north/south through the western portion of the Town. 
Route 93, a major interstate north/south highway, 
is located approximately 3 miles to the east of Burlington.